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ɤM]] (1999)
Who's Dating My Sister?

Reviewed by: ryan
Date: 11/21/1999
Summary: Who's Dating My Sister? (1999)

Like B&S DV Productions, Winners' production usually let their directors helm more than one movie. Previously they used KO Fei, LAU Fai (LAU Chun-fai) and LEE Chiu. Now they have another group of directors -- CHAN Siu-hung and HO Kam-tsan. To follow 'Your Sweetheart is My Concubine', they have given us another Category III production 'Who's Dating My Sister?'

'Who's Dating My Sister?' starts with two groups of people on vacation. Manic (AU YEUNG Yiu-lun), the owner of a detective company, is on holiday with his girlfriend Mei-heung (CHOW Yan-yan) in Cheung Chau (one of Hong Kong's outlying islands). Hung and Cheong and another friend are also on vacation in Cheung Chau with Fanny. They want to date Funny but they are disappointed as Fanny has also brought her 'Tom Boy' sister Fong. Their vacation went okay, but one day when they had a barbecue Fanny went back home; and when Cheong tried to find her afterwards was hit by an unknown guy who raped Fanny ......

Those who were tolerant enough to watch their previous direction 'Your Sweetheart is My Concubine' will find that 'Who's Dating My Sister' shares most of the cast. However, I can't believe that they have borrowed the characters of Manic and Mei-heung again to play another imitation of 'City Hunter'.

The focus of the movie should be the rape case. However, there's no hint that this will be a movie about a rape until the 28th minute. The first 27 minutes are nothing special -- just trying to describe the relationship of the characters, which could be condensed to less than 10 minutes.

The whole plot flow is weird. For example, when Cheong and Fanny look for help, Manic and Mei-heung disclose their identity as detectives and pitch in with no build-up. It's all too simple; there should at least be some background introduction. They are also too lucky with their clues.

Another big problem is the editing. Winners' productions have always had a problem in switching love scenes and non-love scenes, but 'Who's Dating My Sister?' has problems in its basic editing and continuity. For example, before a cut there is a man passing by but after the cut he's vanished. These things would be easily avoided if they checked their films before showing them in theatres.

The costumes are also horrible. After being raped by an unknown guy, it is amazing to see Fanny's costume just as it was before the rape.

'Who's Dating My Sister?' is another movie that can be neglected. I just hope that the directors will give a little more thought to their audience and understand that they are not dumb. Otherwise, it will be almost impossible for them to impress anybody with their productions.