Hong Kong X-File

Reviewed by: White Dragon
Date: 11/16/2005
Summary: Kar Kar attempts to resurrect the eighties...

Sleazy Hong Kong cops Miu (Chin Kar Lok) and Ben (Bowie Lam) stuff up their duties and end up assigned to the prostitute beat, much to their delight. Whilst on duty investigating a particularly nasty murder at the Ka Yuen Saunas, Miu attracts the attentions of happy hooker Mui (Cheng Yim Lai, of DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS 2 notoriety) as well as uncovers the revenge plot by a wayward spirit whose mortal rape left her teetering between the realms of the living and the dead.

Really, really silly early nineties styled hijinks from infrequent director Kar Kar (VIETNAMESE LADY, BEAUTY OF THE HAUNTED HOUSE); appears designed as a Cat III film, but looks to have been cut down to a Cat IIB after the fact. DOD2 fans will be disappointed to discover Cheng Yim Lai remains clothed throughout (and four years on, a terrible actress to boot). Lots of topless nudity and wire-fu fail to make this one interesting…and much of the slapstick-styled humour will leave many cringing in their seats (Chin Kar Lok has definitely seen better days since this one was produced). Barely watchable, even as a throwback to cinematic eras passed.

Reviewer Score: 2

Reviewed by: Zilch321
Date: 06/12/2001
Summary: A horror of another kind

This movie truly is a Horror of another kind.

The plot of the movie is weak. It was obvious that they spent lots of time on the set, coming up with ideas on the fly, simply to keep the plot moving. The comedy aspect of the movie is ruined by the fact that it isn't funny! This movie stinks of a comedy gone bad. The producers seemed to think this movie was bad, working hard to make up for it with health doses of T&A. Guess what, they failed. If you have a choice between watching this movie, and looking at a empty room for two hours, choose the room, at least there you may find some enjoyment in your own thoughts. They are likely more original than this movie.

Reviewed by: ryan
Date: 11/21/1999
Summary: Hong Kong X-File (1998)

What do you expect when you get the name 'Hong Kong X File'? Another Hong Kong Version of 'X Files'? Sorry, I'm sure you'll be totally disappointed if you take this as your expectation on the movie. It's in fact a movie about supernatural and ghost.

SIAO in the movie act as a girl who was beaten up and raped by a group of triad in having venues for sex. She is unconscious in the hospital while she has the instinct to take her soul everything for vegenance. She do the vegenance by killing men for sex by pulling off their dick! LAM and CHIN are cops investigating the case while CHENG is the girl working there. SIAO finally hooked up with them against the triad.

When considering the cast SIAO Yuk-yin, you instinctly feel that the movie has been filmed filmed for a long time as SIAO cast in Jet LI's 'Last Hero in Chia' in 1993. In fact, the movie looks like the styles in 80s which keen on making the mix of comeday and thriller. Unlike happy ghost, they put more audlt element in the movie.

If you've seen the movie and you are asked to classify the movie, I consider most of us will consider this as a pron for the first half as there're lots of love scenes and naked bodies filling the time. Though they try to introduce CHIN and LAM as cops for investigation, but most of the scenes are optional and failed to putting the investigation as a real case. I don't mind their decision but I consider it would be much better if they can put more efforts in putting the service as fun and interesting. Now it looks like lots of scenes making love.

The later half of the movie turns to the thriller. They want to make it as a Vampire type or Ghost type movie. Unfortunately, they failed as they can't set up the climate at the first part. The change does not impressive. Since SIAO is in a role with lots of unhappiness, I expect the movie can be a bit more impressive at this point and they haven't done that.

On the whole, 'Hong Kong X File' looks like a Cat. III porn rather than a Cat. II B mix of comedy and thriller. If this is the case, I consider 'Severly Rape' may be a better choice.