bͽt (1997)
Eighteen Springs

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 09/06/2001
Summary: Another Eileen Chang

... and this, for me, is not good news. Although EC is reputed to be China's greatest female writer of the 20th Century, her subtle and penetrating observations of character (particularly bitchiness) leave me cold. Having also suffered through Rouge of the North, I am now ready to give up on any film based on her stories.

I am reluctant to give up so easily on director Ann Hui. Several others have cited this film as reason to dislike this incredibly talented director, but I'm prepared to forgive her a few mistakes after at least three stunning films of her's.

To the main stars. Leon and Sin Lin previously appeared together in the wonderfully overdone Love And The City. 18 Springs could not be more different. 18S seems to be trying to present much more of the minutiae of normal life of two people who may or may not become lovers and are kept apart by circumstance and their own blindnesses. Unfortunately, the result wobbles between dull and depressing, never involving.

I cannot recommend this yawnfest.

Reviewer Score: 1