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OA (1997)
Enjoy Yourself To-night

Reviewed by: hkcinema
Date: 12/21/1999

well I was fooled into renting this because the poster has a picture of Yu Rong Guong with a gun in his hand and I expected a good shoot em up. Well YRG disappears about 3 minutes into this movie never to reappear and the movie goes with him (he sure gets misused in some lousy roles). The movie takes place in a hostess bar and I never understood the point of this movie. Do yourself a favor and don't try ENJOY YOURSELF TONIGHT.

[Reviewed by Anonymous]

Reviewed by: hkcinema
Date: 12/08/1999

Nightclub could be said as a colorful place for joy seekers, butat the same time it also could erupt into an incredible explosion. On a certain night, the soon-to-be-married Ah Sun, the debt collector Ah Ming, the mob boss turned film businessman Brother Fong, with a group of escorts and agents gather together by fate. Not only do disputes erupt, but lives are also endangered......

[Reviewed by Next Magazine]