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竹昇妹之以牙還牙 (1996)

Reviewed by: Chuma
Date: 07/12/2000
Summary: That's one way to keep the rent down!

This movie starts with the heroine (Mimi), being chased around the
streets of Hong Kong by a three men who want money from her boyfriend.
After giving them the slip and finding out her boyfriend is cheating
on her, she tells the men to come up to talk to him and she closes
the door on them as they beat him up.

The next scene has Vivian (Mimi's step sister) being given 100 community service for stealing cars, then going to the airport
with her mother to pick up Mimi from Vancouver International Airport.

Her dad is less than happy to see her (Mimi), after having divorced her
mother years earlier and tells her to go stay at her uncle's
(which doesn't really turn out for the best later.)

Vivian hangs out with Oliver and his friends (all ex Hong Kong residents whose parents have moved to Canada). All the white Canadians
speak Cantonese and English perfectly, but the Hong Kong expats only
know Cantonese and scant English.

Things seem to be going well for Mimi in Vancouver, but she starts
having flashbacks about her father leaving her mother and gets
drunk. Her and Oliver both smash up a car with crowbars, which turns
out to be Oliver's car!

It all goes strange from here, with family disputes, fights over men
and people climbing the stairs by having sex. (I'm not kidding, it
actually happens!)

I liked this movie a lot more than the first one I saw. Even though
it doesn't look it at first, it does turn out to be quite a good
love story/disfunctional family expose.

This is probably not something that you would usually see as it
is a fairly obscure release. I reckon it's worth it though for
some of the performances and tips to keep the rent on your flat down
(only joking!)

Rating : 7/10

Reviewed by: hkcinema
Date: 12/08/1999

Rebellious teenage girl Mimi, in order to escape money troublein Hong Kong, is forced to move in with her father in Canada. Her father treated her coldly. Mimi then proceeds to seduce her uncle as a measure of revenge. Mimi's half sister Vivian become friends, as the two live dangerously. Later both of the sisters fall for a street kid Oliver, causing a rift between the two...

[Reviewed by Next Magazine]