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金裝香蕉俱樂部 (1996)
Top Banana Club

Reviewed by: hktopten
Date: 12/21/1999

The whole fiasco started at the radio station. I'd bet if you putboth Banana Club movies together you'd get a good film. Now you just ended up a, well, ok film. Anthony Wong, Dayo Wong, Larry Lam, and that DJ guy are talk radio hosts. The three stories are based on the stories from the callers. The first with Dayo as Wise Guy Gum Len Kwan falling for girl next door Jenny (Vivian Chow) who changed him back to a regular guy. Her father (Anthony Wong) is a cop, who broke them up. Anyway, nothing new here. The two versions of the ending for this one are ok, but the funniest part is still the commercial between this and the second story. The second story has Shaw something playing a husband who wants his wife (Kwan Wing Ho) to get breast enlargement. This was a pretty interesting story. Dayo Wong puts a good performance as Shaw's mother-in-law. The third story has John (Anthony) trying to lay lesbian Joe (Si Yi Lin). Looks like Anthony directed this one, as in the middle it got senseless like the Tenant. Anyway, an ok film to examine the state of HK relationships today, but nothing to write home about.

Reviewed by: hkcinema
Date: 12/08/1999

This one was a sad excuse for a movie. To sum up, Top Banana Club is set around a radio talk show where the hosts handle callers who desperately need advice. The first is about a young gangster who falls for Jenny, the daughter of a cop, played by Vivien Chow. The gangster is played by Dayo Wong, who has a very annoying voice. The second story continues the punishment with Shaw playing a mousy husband who wants his wife to have breast enlargement. And that's not all. We're treated to a third story which tops off the movie with an exceptionally ridiculous plot about a man who chases after three lesbians and the problems he has getting them to fall for him. If this stuff was meant to be a comedy, it totally chokes. Blah.

[Reviewed by Anonymous]