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精裝情不自禁 (1995)
Secret Lover

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 01/23/2004
Summary: Delightful

I love this fun little movie. Any Cat III film free of violence deserves more attention, though this one does have one scene where people are beaten up (an attempted assassination, actually.)

Lily Lee isn't a great actress, and she doesn't appear fully nude, but does get down to a thin nightgown in one scene, and she has fun and looks terrific.

One of HK film's great enduring treasures, Shing Fui On, has great fun as the silly husband. The one part of this film that is hard to believe is that Fui On has to play someone who finds Lily Lee unattractive, which is impossible to swallow.

But all credit goes to the wonderful Yuen King Tan. This HK comedienne does very few substantial roles (though dozens of cameos), and this is the only comic role I know of where she appears throughout a film. And she steals the show, as the sexy mother who literally throws herself at any man who is even remotely attractive (this clearly rules out Fui On !). It's a great shame King Tan hasn't done more of these roles.

And, for the Cat III rating, the luscious Chin Kwan tosses off her clothes a couple of times. Yum !

This is a mostly warm and fun film. Recommended.

Previously published:
Newly rich man and wife are having troubles. He's lost interest in sex while she clutches at every opportunity to get him worked up. Detailed discussion of possible impotence and cures with one of man's boot-licking employees. Enter wife's manically sexy (widow) mother, who shamelessly steals every scene in which she appears. Mother loosens up her uptight daughter, first by throwing out all her dull clothes (including those she's wearing !), then remodelling the restaurant they've just taken over in an (allegedly) Japanese style. They rename the place Body Menu, for good reason, and it becomes the IN place. All this to inspire husband to jealousy, and it works. He starts planning how to kill her off..... Quite good marital comedy, by turns funny, hilarious, or just plain gross.

Reviewer Score: 8