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愛的精靈 (1993)
The Spirit of Love

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 01/04/2000
Summary: Hard to understand

This is one of a trio of films Loletta Lee made in the year she leapt into starring in Category III films without clothes. But if you're expecting the fairly harmless nudie nonsense of Crazy Love or Girls Unbutton, be prepared for a shock.
There are superficial similarities but many differences. Poon Chan Wai again appears as Lo's co-star, but rather than the sensitive and confused young man in CL, he's a really violent and vile villain here. The story is just as much all-over-the-place, but this one at least concentrates on one group of characters.
The story is a mixture of gory horror (I found the scene where Loletta aborts quite hard to watch), high melodrama (Poon's ludicriously violent reaction to things going wrong), tender romance and sex, kiddie cuteness, ghost antics ...... but very little humour.
For me, the story teerers between all of these elements in an unsettling and haphazard fashion. In a well made horror film, such a strategy should add to the suspense and the scares, but in here in SOL, it only irritates and disgusts.
Last of all, nudity. Poon's backside gets plenty of exposure. Full frontal is contributed by the (uncredited) European woman and Joanna Chan. The cameraman seems to have been under instruction to avoid filming Loletta's lower frontals, but the slightest little slip occurs near the end.
A warning : For about one HK film in ten, you really need subtitles to have a good idea of what's going on. This is one of those films.

There are parts of this film I liked. The ending is just wild. I won't spoil it for you, but it makes the outrageous acceptance children's curiosty of sex expressed in The Fruit Is Swelling look really tame ......

However, I really cannot recommend this film.

Reviewer Score: 4