┐nę_║┐▓˙ (1992)
Sisters in Law

Reviewed by: dandan
Date: 08/05/2009
Summary: don't look at it...

the c.i.d.'s new recruit, mary (charine chan), joins seasoned detective jacky (sandra ng) in the fight against crime. it isn't long until the sisters find themselves with a big case, when they end up in the middle of a failed jewellery heist. despite not getting away with the jewels, the crooks flee, leaving mary and jacky with only one connection to them: miss cho (catherine hung), the girlfriend of one of the robbers, tsui tung (max mok). miss cho isn't keen on cooperating and, when the robbers start being killer, it looks like the sisters have an even bigger case than they first thought...

yep, yet another sandra ng film crossed of my list and another one which i have rather enjoyed. charine chan works well as the the straight woman, to the slightly deranged and over the top ng, and there's quite a few chuckles along the way. more comedy comes courtesy of michael chow and ricky yi, who play rival cops happy and gay; their final appearance in the film bringing one of the biggest laughs, which is still amusing me today.

in another sub-plot, mary has trouble accepting her mother's (louise lee) choice in men, in this case shark wong (shing fui-on), a reformed gangster, turned taxi driver. shing does a grand job.

as well as the comedy there's some action, which is bloodier, than it is impressive. overall, with a few laughs, some gun play and a solid, if well-worn narrative, 'sisters in law' is an entertaining hour and a half of early nineties fare.