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逃學英雄傳 (1992)
Truant Hero

Reviewed by: Inner Strength
Date: 06/07/2002
Summary: Another rip off, but funny

Naturally, Wong Jing couldn’t resist the temptation to rip off a film like Fight Back To School, but Truant Heroes is exactly that.

There is little point summing this film up, as you will already know the story if you’ve seen Fight Back To School. This time the undercover cop (replaced by Alfred Cheung, who is surprisingly as good as Chows original performance) goes to another school on another mission, but not alone, as some of the original characters are back, namely Ng Man Tat, Sharla Cheung, and Barry Wong (who died shortly after this film).

Still, the story is just as thin as the original, and has nothing new to add, apart from some very annoying performances by Chingmy Yau and Aaron Kwok. One advantage over the original, is that the comedy is more straight forward, and not filled with Chow’s toilet humour. Still, there is not much else worth watching in this film for me to recommend it, though it does still manage to pull in laughs. It’s worth seeing Barry in his last performance too.