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越青 (1991)
The Roar of the Vietnamese

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 12/28/1999
Summary: Not bad, but not great either

.... continuing from the plot description .........
However, everyone except the players can easily guess where Mak and Tian are going to send them. Wai Yuen (who is also Vietnamese) is with Tian when he kills off the first few of the gang, but somehow convinces herself that he'll keep Mak's promise for the remaining members. This plot twist, alone, I found hard to accept. It's not hard to see a nihilistic end coming and, as is usual for this sort of film, only two of the main characters remain alive as the credits roll. The acting is quite okay, apart from Lau Ching Wan, whose exuberant performance is the high point of the film. The final gun battle is pretty good, and reminded me a lot of Mighty_Gambler. In fact, the entire plot progression was quite similar to MG (which also starred Sib Hu), though the subject matter was different. There are occasional fights which are quite gory but nothing special.
Overall, competent but forgettable.

Reviewer Score: 4