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륻ΤH (1991)
Pretty Woman

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 01/28/2007
Summary: Pretty good

Starts with a rape and a murder, and ends with a romantic marriage proposal. And the multi-threaded plot gets very tangled. Nightclub hostess Mimin (Veronica Yip) is hired to impersonate her lookalike Hsin, an office worker who was murdered by the villain (Ken Tong). But things goes awry. Mimin notices that the handsome man who resuced her from abduction the night before is also a young director of the company Cha Sin (Alex Fong, who also does some fine stuntwork), and she decides to un-resign.

This film could bere-titled "Death to Political Correctness in the Office", which is more like a bawdy-house. For instance, when Mimin/Hsin hands her resignation to the Personnel Manager (rubber-faced Charlie Cho), he's busy getting a headjob, and when Mimin returns to un- resign, he's screwing the girl on his desk.

One correction : it's one of the women who slips the fizzing sex-drug (though it looks like alka-seltzer to me) into the coffee machine, and she's among the resulting orgy, though that was not her purpose.

Abundant nudity and sex across much of the film. There's also action & some gore, with a totally incongruous guns'n'cops battle at a Macau construction site, which reminded me of The Blues Brothers. About ten characters take at least one turn in the porn or nude set-pieces, and keeping up with who's doing what to whom is almost impossible.

Mimin and Sin draw closer and he asks her to be his girlfriend. This is where the film starts to flagrantly steal from the same-named US film. Although Ver Yip is clearly the star here, she spends a lot of time off screen, and you have to wait till nearly the end for her excellent bathing scene, with a lingering views of every part of her body except, amazingly, for the bit most of us guys want to see. And the only way you'll see it here is with tactical use of the slo-mo button just before she climbs into the bath !

In a scene designed to show off one of HK's great female bods in extreme slow-motion, the director seems to be having a bet each way. There are numerous visual tricks to block the full frontal view, a stance which is amazingly out of place when so much bush (of other actresses) has been flaunted in previous scenes. Nevertheless, this sequence is well worth the wait, and is justly famous.

The story has a definite end point (in the nightclub again), and I really don't see why they kept the cameras rolling a full three very boring minutes after it. Perhaps for the romantics in the audience ?!

In summary : Certainly not a non-violent feelgood (such as the wonderful Unforgetful Holiday), and the plot is nearly as confusing as Escape From Brothel, but Pretty Woman is much more pleasant and fun. Worth watching.

Reviewer Score: 8

Reviewed by: cpardo
Date: 07/18/2005
Summary: to like or not to like?

Okay. Yeah it's a CAT III film. It's corny, lewd, exploitative, all that. The story is shallow: an office girl gets raped and killed, so the killer hires a lookalike--a hostess girl to take her place, and she falls in love with a business man, and ending up working with thugs...

There are better CAT III films out there, maybe not anymore tasteful but there are. I just like Veronica Yip as she's beautiful, and I don't just mean her body. She's got presence even in a film like this. so she's nude briefly--nothing special. Aside from that, is the film recomendable? maybe, if you're Yip fans, and watched everything else. If you're in it strictly for the sex, you'll be disappointed. It is one I'd watch again, and I rarely rewatch the few CAT III films I've seen. So I give a mixed rating.

Reviewer Score: 5