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The Spooky Family (1990)

Reviewed by: Inner Strength
Date: 11/16/2002
Summary: Poor

[Spooky Family]

One of the many spooky comedies to come out of HK during the 80s/90s (most of which ripping off the Adams Family), this one is as good as they usually get. Not to say it’s particularly good though. This ‘mo-lai-tou’ version of the Adams Family is actually not too bad for this type of ridiculous comedy, however, all the jokes are old and predictable. There are still a few laughs to be found, but overall certainly nothing that would make me feel I should recommend people to see. Fans of the genre would be far better off sticking to the jumping vampires in other slightly more serious comedies than this.


Reviewed by: MrBooth
Date: 02/13/2002
Summary: Splendid fun

Excellent contribution to the Mr. Vampire genre, featuring Kent Cheng as the head of a household of ghostbusters who begin to experience bad luck after capturing a copper vampire, actually sent to plague them by his rivals.

Features cool vampire antics, taoist rituals with some decent special effects, some extremely inventive wirework and a whole load of slapstick comedy that is actually quite funny.

Needs a decent DVD release - the full frame VCD doesn't do it justice :)

Reviewer Score: 8

Reviewed by: danton
Date: 01/06/2002

One of the funniest Gyonsi movies I've seen, except that the vampires in this movie don't actually do any hopping. The film came out in 1990, and by this time the genre was being played strictly for laughs, so here we have an ensemble cast led by Kent Cheng, Pauline Wong and Nina Li engaged in the most inventive and inspired slapstick antics I've seen in a while. There are more moments of comedic brilliance in this film than you can shake a stick at, despite the low-budget and the absence of Lam Ching Ying.

The story is simple: Kent Cheng plays some sort of ghost hunter who's not had much work lately, with his jealous wife Pauline Wong putting rice on the table by working as a fortune teller, while Kent is toying around with some bizarre inventions such as a "human and corpse linking machine" designed to better control the undead. Their two grown children and their "ghost servant" complete the family, and then there's Nina Li as Kent's "colleague sister" who has an obvious crush on Kent, much to the chagrin of his wife. Then the "copper vampire" enters the picture, a very powerful vampire made even deadlier by the stupidity of some wizards who have it out for Kent. The rest of the movie is pretty much dedicated to the family struggling to overpower the Copper Vampire, so you have lots of spells, pratfalls and chases, intermingled with hilarious comedic asides between the characters (mainly fueled by the jealousy between Pauline and Nina).

I wish they'd still make movies like this in HK...

Reviewed by: pjshimmer
Date: 03/01/2001
Summary: Wacky, Slapstick, and entertaining

Excellent tale of a family (and some outsiders) too under the attack of a vampire. Very impressive farting scenes in the water (no kidding) and Chinese Ba Zi analyzing. A Must see for fans of any genre! [9/10]

Reviewed by: jfierro
Date: 12/21/1999

A powerful vampire is unleashed, and it's up to local Taoists KentCheng and Pauline Wong to stop it. But there's trouble at home as Pauline battles old flame Nina Li for Kent's affections. And rival Lau Nam-Kwong claims Kent has lost his touch. Good, mindless fun from the same group that brought you SPIRITUAL TRINITY.