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雙肥臨門 (1988)
Double Fattiness

Reviewed by: dandan
Date: 08/11/2006
Summary: they're not pizzas...

lydia sum is hsiao feng the owner of a pizza shop, which she runs with her husband, tse shu (bill tung) and son, sonny (eric tsang). an evil property developer wants to buy their shop and house as he plans to turn it into a new commercial centre; hsiao feng isn't selling. whilst out delivering pizzas sonny bumps into diana (maggie cheung) who has just been mugged by gordon chan; sonny soon falls for diana...

things take a twist when hsiao feng dies from a heart attack, but manages to avoid death, posessing the body of someone who's recently been killed; it just so happens that diana has been killed in a bus accident. so, when diana turns up at the pizza shop, she's in love with tse shu, but being pursued by sonny...

it's pretty standard, mildly random, kinda silly, hong kong comedy fare, but it's a pretty good set up and you can't go wrong with four such strong leads. lydia sum is great as the larger than life matriach, bill tung is as dependable as ever and how can you not like eric tsang? as for maggie cheung, she does a good job as diana and a diana who's been possessed by several people throughout the course of the film.

good stuff...

Reviewed by: sharkeysbar
Date: 02/08/2005
Summary: A few laughs only

I thought that Lydia Sum, Tung Bill, Maggie Cheung and Eric Tsang appearing together would have somehow lifted this film a little higher and made it a little funnier than it turned out to be. It had potential, with the supernatural angle and the moral to be told, but somehow it never quite made it in my opinion. The jokes were a little too predictable, as were the bad guys, the story line itself, etc, etc.
While it left me just a tad disappointed, it was enjoyable enough but seemed to lack that magical spark that would have upgraded it from an OK movie to a funny movie, its worth watching but it is mor elikely to make you smirk or smile than actually laugh out loud.

Reviewed by: Cissi
Date: 08/24/2001
Summary: 5/10

Yet another film with Lydia Shum and Bill Tung as married couples. They have made their share of entertaining films together, but this one, unfortunately, is not one of them.

This collaboration has a supernatural twist in it (like every other film made during the period =) Shum and Tung run a small pizzaria with their son, played by Eric Tsang. More correctly, Shum runs the place in a way befitting an army general and Tung and Tsang run around following her orders. One night Shum dies of a heart attack, leaving Tung and Tsang to cope. While crossing the bridge of hell, the bridge decides it can't cope with the weight (the first of many fat jokes) and collapses, leaving Shum stranded. Dennis Chan, the ghost official, agrees to allow Shum to return to land of the living, in a different body (Maggie Cheung's body, no less). Only catch is she can't reveal her identity to her loved ones.

There is a moral to the story-changing one's exterior doesn't necessarily mean they will find happiness. I like films with morals. It would have been better if this film was actually interesting-instead, there are unfunny, drawn-out moments, like the part where Shum and Chan dish out revenge on Chun-and dimwitted characters. Shum aka Cheng dropped boulder-like hints on who she was, yet Tung and Tsang didn't realize until the end?

But not all of this film is negative. I had to admire Shum's ability to laugh at herself, playing along with the many jokes about her weight. One of the few funny moments came when two Shums destroyed the bridge to hell by jumping up and down.

Overall-your run-of-the-mill 80s comedy movie.