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四大天王 (1987)
Four Robbers

Reviewed by: spinali
Date: 12/08/1999
Summary: NULL

A turbid mess of modest peculiarity, not unlike a spaghettiwestern. Despite personal differences, four martial arts masters pool their talents when a well-trained group of criminals set out to crush them in in vengeance. The good guys: a slippery gambler who never loses, a rich, well-groomed sophistocate, a drunkard who doubts his abilities, and a street-fighter who seems to be able to endure endless punishment without dying. The bad guys are every bit as tough. There's a (nearly) unbeatable master who breaks a black fan in half every time he's about to kill somebody (as we hear an ear-splitting whistle over the soundtrack), four burly guys with laundry baskets on their heads who are called The Mighty Mice (they're good with chains), and their leader, a well-groomed chap who tries to stay out of the fights as much as possible. Basically, everybody has a reason for fighting somebody else at one point or another during the movie, so there's a lot of action -- about one fight every four minutes. The excellent climactic fight takes place in a chicken coop, and clearly wasn't monitored by animal rights groups.


[Reviewed by Steve Spinali]

Reviewer Score: 5