WֳBk (1985)
Oh, My God

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 10/22/2001
Summary: Mixed bag

Takes a while for this movie to find its course. Starts as a crime thriller, then turns to comedy, back to crime, with some very soft porn tossed in at random.

The plot has a few holes. For instance, why Yeung Ming Sing becomes the central character. The plot motivator is the location of the missing diamonds in a red cosmetics case, which isn't even Yeung's.

The dashes of nudity deserve some comment. There is an alarming scene early on, when Lo Lieh is frolicking in bed with a pretty-faced young woman. She rolls out of bed, and we see how skinny she is. This is the shock. All the woman's ribs and bones show clearly ! Ugh. Another actress (unnamed) plays a bored whore who appears topless.

When the story finally settles down, Lo Lieh and Stephen Tung make quite a pleasant buddy pair, though the underlying assumption that a gay man who chooses to be a transvestite can be made straight grates a bit.

Though not a great film, it gets to be quite enjoyable in the second half, and this is helped by a top class support cast.

And the choice of background music is excellent. Selections are played from

* Alan Parsons

* Rick Wakeman's 1984 (2 tracks)

* Fripp and Eno's My Life In The Bush With Ghosts

and, perhaps the most often used piece of foreign music in HK film, Vangelis' terrific end theme from Blade Runner.

Overall, not too bad.

Reviewer Score: 5