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] (1982)
He Lives by Night

Reviewed by: Tonic
Date: 12/28/2007

Berets rule!

The film actually seems to alternate between thriller and goof-ball comedy moments (thrill, comedy, thrill, comedy; repeat).

Quite effective at both, surprisingly easy to recommend! Enjoy.

Reviewed by: cpardo
Date: 10/09/2007
Summary: Entertaining thriller/comedy

A string of murders is taking place in Hong Kong, where a man dressed as a woman stalks and kills women wearing white fishnet stockings. As police try to solve the case, inquistive DJ talk show host Sissy teams up with chubby police chief to find the murderer. She even takes a risk and makes herself the bait, leading to her being stalked at her own radio station...

This was thoroughly enjoyable thriller, with a bid of blood and horror to mix with that Cinema City style comedy provided by Sylvia Chang and Kent Cheng. Also on hand is a very young Simon Yam, who plays a cop/old school friend of Slyvia's. Also look for Eric Tsang as a punk rocker kid in KISS makeup. The also has a definite sense of mood and style, since a lot of takes place at night. There's some good cinematography, good use of lighting and a thrilling conclusion. But it's also funny and Sylvia is fun to watch playing the tomboyish loud Sissy who changes to a sexy-voiced radio show host at night. Eddie Chan is not bad as the killer--definitely has that psycho look down--this crossdressing angle definitely has a tinge of darkness to it. I can't really see any statement being made in the movie. It's just well-made 80's thriller with good filmmaking and good cast.

Reviewer Score: 7

Reviewed by: MrBooth
Date: 07/29/2007
Summary: 6/10 - strange film

I was expecting HLBN to be a dark, noir-ish serial killer film - and at times it is, but more often than not it's a comedy... sometimes a very dark comedy, sometimes a very silly comedy about a late night radio show host (Sylvia Chang), a serial killer with issues about white stockings and two cops who put the "stupid" in... err... "two really stupid cops". The plot hinges almost entirely on them being incompetent and acting inappropriately, in the grand Hong Kong tradition. Sometimes it's quite funny!

Reviewer Score: 6

Reviewed by: ryanatpoker
Date: 03/29/2001
Summary: Synopsis

After being released from a mental hospital, a man (Eddie Chan) becomes a cross-dressing night stalker, and attacks women wearing white fish-net stockings. One of his murders takes place outside a late-night talk radio host's (Sylvia Chang) house. She becomes entangled in the case, when the two investigatning cops (Kent Cheng & Simon Yam) become infatuated with her. Sylvia talks against the killer on her show, and eventually allows herself to become bait, hoping that she can outsmart the killer.

Reviewed by: hkcinema
Date: 12/21/1999

A man catches his wife in adultery with a man who wears women'sstockings. The killer because obssessed, wears women's clothing and stalks others that wear fish-net stockings. Winner of two Hong Kong Film Awards for Best Editing and Cinemtography.

[Reviewed by Tai Seng Catalog]