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The Prohibited Area

Reviewed by: clansman2003
Date: 03/11/2003
Summary: A sad story for mainland chinese people coming to hk

Chan (starring by Liu Wei Hung) was a worker who worked at a site. One day, his wife and his 3-year son (starring by Michelle Lai) came to HK illegally. Gangerster who arranged Michelle phoned Chan to get his wife back with a big amount of money. Without sufficient money, he tried to earn money faster for getting his wife back but he killed a man accidently. Finally, he was surrounded by police in a house... and got killed by police...

I saw the movie in VCD from Ocean Shore. It's a message after the credit of the movie (in first 3 to 5 minute I think). It is about for the new mainland chinese immagrant coming to HK

The ending of the movie is really sad. It is really clearly showing out chan's who cannot help anything for himself..