~JPݲ (1979)
Crazy Boy and Pop-Eye

Reviewed by: mpongpun
Date: 12/20/2002

I haven't seen an amazingly dull movie with characters that are not likeable as this flick. The lead actor named Mo (Yuen Bo) is acrobatic and flashes some good moves, but he is ugly. His big sidekick named "Lobo" (Chan Kwok Kuen) is funny, but he's dubbed with that English accent for dummies. What's the story about then? It's about a hostile gung fu gym takeover orchestrated by the Gold Haired Lion (Kwan Hoi San). After the gym's Sifu and family dies, the student named Mo and his sidekick, take revenge. Surprisingly, the flick did have a few cameos. Kwan Hoi San is the Gold Hair Lion. This is one of the few flicks that I seen him in a gung fu mode. Fatty Kent Cheng has a brief appearance in a restaurant. Chu Chi Ling, a famous Hung Gar exponent (his status his higher than Liu Chia Liang!), also has a little screen time as a gung fu instructor.