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醉俠蘇乞兒 (1979)
The Story of Drunken Master

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 05/20/2001
Summary: Lacklustre except for the finish

I had expected to see more of Simon Yuen in action here, but he spends most of his screen time either loafing around or giving orders.

Not that there's any shortage of other fu talent on show. Most impressive is Sharon Yeung, whose flexibility is simply jaw-dropping. She seems to be made of rubber, reinforced with steel springs ! Casanova Wong lashes out with swing kicks by the dozen, though he is performing well below his best. Also, this is the only movie I've seen Casanova smiling in (and it's not a look which suits him). Jen Shi Kwan plays the villain with an appropriate level of venom and skill, whilst junior Yuen clan member does amazing variations on drunken fist.

The pace is pretty slow all the way through, although the first 50 minutes seemed to slip by fairly quickly. The climactic fight scene, intercut between three fighting pairs, is still curiously slow, but the fu is of very high quality, and more varied than many other climaxes.

Overall, not too bad.

Reviewer Score: 4