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Un (1977)
The Adventures of Emperor Chien Lung

Reviewed by: Harlock
Date: 02/20/2007

in this second part of the serie of emperor Chien Lung, we started to see the emperor trying to nag one of his Imperial scholar with the help of one of his court official, then we follow him on one of his "incognito" journey...

the first Chien Lung movie i have seen, i absolutly fall in "love" with the emperor and quoting the other reviewer, you just want to see his next adventure...

a must see but if you are looking for a kungfu movie, don't try it

Reviewer Score: 10

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 10/08/2005
Summary: Average though enjoyable

I do like the style of this movie, where the Emperor disguises himself as a commoner and fights corruption and the last minute he either plays tricks on them or they find out he is the emperor. Something different to watch!! i have gotten this movie mixed up with Emperor Chien Lung but both were of the same quality. It has a feel of a tv series and you just want to see his next adventure.

The only problem with this film is the Emperor is a mightly martial artist and has a special vest of protection, in other words, he is always going to kick ass!!