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四大門派 (1977)
The Shaolin Plot

Reviewed by: Frank Lakatos
Date: 10/14/2005
Summary: One of Golden Harvest's most classiest productions........

A beautifully shot kung fu movie, a Korean coproduction shot entirely in Korea with an all star cast. James Tien, Chen Sing, and Kam Kong's best performances. Kam Kong's blind monk role is reminiscent of his blind role in Master of the Flying Guillotine(1975), and Kam scenes are classic.The final fight is packed with action and the bonus of a double teaming of Casanova Wong and Kwang Young Moon against Chen Sing. One of Golden Harvest's most classiest productions besides Warriors Two(1978). An enjoyable movie. *****/*****

Reviewed by: mpongpun
Date: 02/16/2004

Chen Sing plays this evil Manchu Prince named Dagalen who is bent on adding all the greatest gung fu manuals to his budding collection. After strong arming his way into obtaining a Wu Tang martial arts manual from Master Ku (Kwan Shan), Prince Dagalen sets his sights on a trio of Shaolin gung fu manuals. At first Dagalen asks for the manuals politely (in his own way), but is rebuffed by the Chief Abbot (played by the director, Hwang Feng). Knowing that it would be impossible to obtain the manuals from the fierce Shaolin guards, Dagalen disguises himself as a mute and gains acceptance into Shaolin as “monk-to-be” that must pay his dues first. Meanwhile, the son of Master Ku, Little Tiger (James Tien), is learning gung fu from a former Abbot (Kam Kong) and later learns of Prince Dagalen’s doings. Little Tiger tries to inform all of the Shaolin Elders of the Prince’s “Shaolin Plot”, but is ultimately turned back. Ultimately, the heat comes down hard on the Prince as he knows his cover is about to be exposed sooner or later, so instead of waiting for things to happen, the Prince goes on the offensive and takes the Chief Abbot hostage demanding 3 gung fu manuals as the ransom payout before fleeing back to his palace. Not willing to ante up to the Prince’s demands, the Shaolin members decide that they will send their best warrior monks to liberate the Chief Abbot from the evil Manchu Prince, dead or alive as long as the Abbot is returned back to Shaolin. Excellent final fight with Kwan Yung Moon and Casanova Wong doing some bootwork on Chen Sing. Overall, quite an enjoyable flick.