Kpl (1977)
The Kung Fu Kid

Reviewed by: Brian Thibodeau
Date: 12/13/2005

After the death of his junkie father, street thief Michael/Raymond Chan straightens up at the Castle Hill Boys Home, where he’s later recruited by the fuzz to go undercover in Tina Chin Feh’s crime syndicate, where he rises to top goon fairly quick before risking his life - and the girlfriend (Nora Miao) he rescued from a life of prostitution for the much more satisfying haven of domestic servitude - to smuggle out damning evidence of the gang’s dirty deeds. OK gangster yarn, written by the director, with a great third-act twist, although the law enforcement angle is virtually cosmetic to his standard glamourization of the criminal life, wherein the noble hero is just the best of a bad bunch. Raymond’s too wooden for the story’s more melodramatic moments, but handles the film’s many streetfights with aplomb

Reviewer Score: 6