A] (1975)
The Association

Reviewed by: mrblue
Date: 11/24/2007

An early release from the upstart Golden Harvest studio, The Association is your standard kung fu revenge tale livened up by bare breasts. Lots of bare breasts. The film revolves around a cop (played by Byong Yu) who is investigating a murder. The clues lead back to the "Women's Welfare Association", which is just a front for a large prostitution ring, and provides the logic in showing copious amounts of nudity.

It's hard to imagine such stars as Sammo Hung and Angela Mao mixed up in what is really just a somewhat sleazy sexploitation/softcore romp. And the movie really does feel like two pictures mashed together. There's a exposition scene, some naughty bits, and then a fight. Wash, rinse and repeat several times, and that's how The Association rolls.

The results are a bit of a mixed bag. The action is decent, but there are some shots where stuff like doubles and wirework are really obviously used. It's certainly not up to the level of the top productions of the time. As for the slap and tickle, it does go pretty far for a Chinese production, but really, if you're getting turned on by chicks from the seventies (e.g., lots of hair where there shouldn't be) then maybe you need to get out more.

Overall, despite the attempt to liven things up with all of the T&A, The Association is just an average chop-socky flick. It's a good way to kill ninety minutes, especially after a few beers -- just don't go in expecting too much.

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Reviewer Score: 5

Reviewed by: mpongpun
Date: 03/01/2004

A dead body turns up in an alley. After some investigation, a policeman named Wai Tang Sheng (Byong Yu) has evidence pointing to the Welfare Association, which he finds out, is a cover for a whorehouse. Angela Mao has a dual role in the flick as sisters. Carter Wong appears briefly and gets shot in the head, point blank range. Sammo doesn't do squat. Whang In Sik was wasted. Basically, I wasn't impressed with the movie or Mr. Byong Yu.

Reviewed by: clansman2003
Date: 03/11/2003
Summary: one of worst movie from 70's Golden Harvest, for what I've seen

It's really a movie which is bad expression for showing sex continuously. The extremely scene for making me sick as Tanny (Tim Lei) imagine Yue Bing Lung having sex with her. It's really meaningless scene and made me fast forward to my VCR... The best adult scene for the movie is there are 2 girls having a show for having sex together... The worst point of the film is the ending, which described the death of Chiu Hung. It is too simple that is just got shot by Angela Mao's gun... what a...