UF| (1974)
Monkey Fist

Reviewed by: mpongpun
Date: 08/30/2002

Monkey fist…the title says it all. The lead role is played by the real life monkey fist master named Chan Sau Chung, who also lent a hand in the fight choreography. The story is about a Chinese patriot whom they call “comrade” Chan is arrested by a corrupt government official named Chow Li Ming (Shih Kien) for not wanting to join the army. While Comrade Chan is locked down in jail, he watches out of his window a “monkey” show. How interesting? Chan then decides to teach himself Monkey gung fu. A star is born! Chan gets out the slammer and reunites with the son and a student of his friend, Sifu Kang (Tien Feng), who has passed away debt ridden trying to bribe all the town officials into reducing Chan’s prison stay. Anyways, the three fellows try to open a gym on their own so they can train and get their revenge against Chow Li Ming. Chow Li Ming finds out that the threesome tries to open a gym without inviting him—a definite slap in the face-and decides to teach them a lesson. Without hesitation, the two parties battle. Will there be a victorious side? Maybe not, but at least you’ll get to view a true monkey fist master! Chan Sau Chung also used to Chen Kuan Tai’s Sifu. Master Chan sent Chen Kuan Tai to the 1969 First Southeast Asia Open Martial Arts tournament and he took the first place price in the middle weight division. After this event, Chen Kuan Tai was offered many movie contracts and went on to become a star.