ƨgj¸ (1974)
Mini-Skirt Gang

Reviewed by: Stephe
Date: 02/15/2013
Summary: Rival Pickpockets

This is the worst Shaw Brothers film I've ever seen, and I've
seen over 200 of them (including dramas, comedies, musicals,
and over a dozen Huangmei operas), thanks to Celestial's VCDs
and DVDs. I haven't seen Sexy Girls of Denmark (I have only
been tempted to see it because I like Li Ching and because
Birte Tove is soft on the eyes), but it can't possibly be as
bad as this -- although I hear that it, too, is a stinker,
made one year earlier by the same director. Anyways, in this
film, a four-girl gang of pickpockets vies for victims with a
two-man team of pickpocketing bumblers, until both run afoul
of some kidnapper/brothel owners who want the girl back who
the other three girls rescued from a brothel early on in the
film. Chen Ping's role in this film is nothing like her roles
in The Kiss of Death, Big Bad Sis, and The Sexy Killer, despite
the kidnapping angle. Admittedly, it's fun to see the four
girls in skimpy outfits, their underwear included, but when
they threaten the two bumblers with emasculation via garden
shears (Birte Tove is seen holding the shears in the still
where Chen Ping pushes her foot against a squatting bumbler),
you don't know whether to grin or cringe.

Reviewer Score: 1

Reviewed by: trendy95
Date: 07/26/2001
Summary: Mini-Skirt Gang

Mini Skirt Gang was shown in the local cinema around early 1975.
It is a marvelous film, an wholesome adult entertainment film. The female fights in the film was excellent and would make some of the current films look too simple. The male - female fights were simply excellent with the actress exposing as much as possible and also punishing the males accordingly. In short it was a thrill watching this movie. The lead actress, I believe was Chan Ping was very sexy and extremely beautiful, so were the other actress. The kind of bashing the males got in this movies could have been very humilating for men. There were 2 memorable scenes where one man - the van driver in the movie was scissored by an actress and rolled over many times, another was when one man was strapped with a bra and bashed up. There was also another interesting scene- where one man was held by his legs and a dozen or so times was kneed in his groin by the lead actress.
If anyone else has seen this movie and enjoyed it - please contact me.

Reviewer Score: 9