The Escape (1972)

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 10/08/2003
Summary: Historical

.... but of little interest to anyone except serious Chia Ling fans.

In one of her earliest roles, she plays an opera troupe player whose superior fu skills and fiery independent manner make her a target for both sides. The local military want her to spy on General Tsai, while Tsai wants her on his side, then by his side.

Yang Kwan seems to have a lot invested in this story of (at best) slight historical interest. He is star, director and presenter. Why he bothered is the biggest question. The film is fairy well made, and affords him quite a lot of exposure, as well as giving Chia Ling some amusing stunt fighting scenes. It's generally pretty earnest stuff, and I finally reached boredom point after fifty minutes.

Reviewer Score: 2