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ӷ (1968)
Duel at the Supreme Gate

Reviewed by: Stephe
Date: 01/27/2011

Duel at the Supreme Gate was made by Betty Loh Tih and director
Yuen Chau-Fung (the co-director of Chang Cheh's The Butterfly
Chalice) for their short-lived Golden Eagle Film Company. It stars
Loh Tih, and co-stars her brother Kelly Lai Chen, and Zhang Yang.
Playing strongly against type, the usually effete Lai Chen is
almost unrecognizable as the villain.

Loh Tih plays a swordswoman with a storied past who is blinded and
yet is still able to fight. The plot is forced and stilted, but
Loh Tih and Zhang Yang's interplay is affecting and absorbing. Loh
Tih is quite memorable here in this film issued in the US by
Rarescope. Loh Tih made eight films with Cathay, while Lai Chen and
Zhang Yang were Cathay mainstays. See it for Loh Tih.

Reviewer Score: 6