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春色滿璇宮 (1966)
Spring Time in the Jade Hall

Reviewed by: dleedlee
Date: 01/13/2004

I'm not much of a fan of Lam Ka-Sing but there's much to recommend in this film.

Sing (Lam Ka-Sing) is a sickly pickpocket working in the employ of the evil boss (Lau Hark Suen). The boss decides to replace him with Hung (Nam Hung) and tells Sing to teach the reluctant Hung. Their first victim is Fook (Yue Ming) in a movie ticket queue. Hung and Sing take pity on him and he becomes their friend when they later return his wallet. Hung and Sing decide to quit the life after a bungled heroin delivery. But with nowhere to go, they find shelter with Fook and his mother. Soon enough, they learn some interesting things about the past.

There's one funny stunt where Sing, escaping from a baddie, puts three tires over him and then rolls him down a hill into the hands of a cop.

Comic character actor Yue Ming gets a chance for a rare extended performance and makes the most of it. Lee Heung Kam, usually a sassy gal, is almost unrecognizable as Fook's middle aged mother. Lau Hark Suen, fast becoming my favorite baddy, doesn't disappoint here.

There's eight songs including one with Nam Hung as a club singer in platinum blond wig and a duet by Lam and Nam of the Beatles 'Can't Buy Me Love'. In another duet that takes place on a park hilltop, a jet plane descends across the screen in the background as it lands at old Kai Tak Airport.

Reviewer Score: 7