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學生王子 (1964)
Student Prince

Reviewed by: dleedlee
Date: 08/22/2004

Light teen romance comedy featuring Alan Tang and Ting Ying.

The girls' school pricipal (Lee Hak) keeps the boys away from her girls even forcing the local café operator (Yue Ming) to put up a wall between the boys’ and girls’ section. But the kids manage to pass notes under the wall. Wan Tung (Alan Tang) is an upright student who clashes with Fook Si (Mak Kay) the spoiled rich kid over Yi King (Ting Ying). Wan Tung pretends to be a violinist in order to woo Yi King. The results are disasterous. Later, he poses as a prince so that Yi King’s money-eyed parents will ignore Fook Si’s rich-boy overtures. Later, Wan Tung pawns a valuable ring to help Yi King pursue an overseas education, while Fook Si steals a similar ring belonging to his dad. Wan Tung is accused of stealing the missing ring.

I’m not familiar with Ting Ying who sings two Mandarin songs in this film but she has quite a lovely voice. Apparently she appeared in quite a few Mandarin musicals in the ‘50s before switching over to the Cantonese cinema. Her acting is just perfucntory. Alan Tang is suitably handsome as the student prince but Mak Kay gets the meatier role as the bad boy student. Overall, only moderately entertaining.

Reviewer Score: 6