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桃花淚 (1960)
Tragic Melody

Reviewed by: Stephe
Date: 02/13/2015
Summary: synopsis online

There is a synopsis at http://hksan.net/smsifc/youminweb/THL_E.html

From Chang Cheh: A Memoir; Sai Wan Ho, Hong Kong: Hong Kong
Film Archive; January 2004; p. 167. ISBN: 962-8050-26-5

Tragic Melody (Taohua Lei)

1960 / Mandarin / B&W / Contemporary / Melodramatic Tragedy / 115 min
Prod Co: Qiaoguang | Dist: MP & GI | Exe Prod: Zheng Tianshi | Dir: Lo Wei |
Prod: Mao Lu | Asst Dir: Wang Ping | Scr: He Guan (aka Chang Cheh) |
Pho: Ho Look-ying | Ed: Keung Hing-lung | Music: Lee Yee-chi |
Cast: Lucilla You Min, Lo Wei, Kelly Lai Chen, Ouyang Shafei,
Chen Youxin, Li Kun, Mi Renqing and Chiang Kuang-chao.

Notes: (1) Lucilla You Min performs in Peking opera highlights playing
the characters of great Chinese women, including Mu Guiying, Concubine
Yu, Yang Guifei, and Dou E. (2) Loosely based on the American film
Interrupted Melody (1955). (3) Qiaoguang was credited as the production
company in advertisements of the time, but Jincheng is credited on visual
materials in existence.

From http://changcheh.0catch.com/chchfilm.htm#wrote :

Tragic Melody / Taohua Lei (1960) [Qiaoguang, then Jincheng; distrib. by MP&GI]--
directed by Lo Wei, from a script by He Guan (a pseudonym Chang Cheh used
mostly for film reviewing)