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ѭ (1960)
Good Humanity

Reviewed by: sookjenwong
Date: 11/02/2006
Summary: At 13, an accomplished actor

I watched this movie when I was kid along with my parents. At that time, my appreciation for opera was zip but my mother enjoyed this movie very much and said this young actress will go places. She was referring to the 13 year old Connie Chan.

As an adult, I purchased this movie and watched it again and it is truly a wonderful film. First, for a film that is almost 50 years old, it is in tact and no fading.

The movie is about a poor family; no food, husband has to go out and find work and earn a living leaving the wife, the kid and the mother. Years passed and the kid is older and they are poorer than ever. The mother in order to saved her son was going to sell him off to a rich family so he has a better living.
Then the mother in-law seeing that her daughter in-law needs a life wants her to pursue marrying someone else. The whole sob scene between mother and son is so touching. Ng Kwan Lai is known for her portrayal as the melancholy actress and she does a terrific job. Connie at this age is superb and touches you.

Misunderstanding between husband and wife when husband returns thinking his wife is greedy. Ultimately, the whole situation is resolved.

It is a typical opera film and it is worth seeing - to see a young Connie with her sifu Yam Kim Fai. Ng Kwan Lai and Connie were in a lot of mother/son movies and they fit well together.

Reviewer Score: 7