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七喜臨門 (1960)
The Seven Lucky Ones

Reviewed by: dleedlee
Date: 07/02/2004

I’m always a sucker for mistaken identities film. This one is quite elaborate and I won’t do the story justice trying to describe it but the film is a must for Leung Sing Bo fans.

Leung Sing Bo plays two roles, one as recently released from prison pickpocket and thief, the other a long lost wealthy businessman. Both have daughters and a younger brother raising them. The cop, Yuen (Law Kim Long), that hounds the thieving one, loves the daughter (Chan Ho-Kau) of the rich one. The daughter of the scoundrel is a flower girl who also likes the cop. Confusion is guaranteed as, first, Yuen arrests the father thinking him the thief, and then, thinking the thief the father, wines and dines him before asking for his daughter’s hand in marriage.

Of course, Leung, as the scoundrel Yuk, gets to display his comedic skills to the utmost. Leung as the forgetful Wong Man Ching, plays a somewhat irritating brain addled businessman aided by his trustworthy assistant Fook. For another dual-roled Leung film, see Wrong Wedding (1954).

The Seven Lucky Ones in the title refers to the four members of Wong’s family that he returns to and the three on Yuk’s side who, in the end, unite in dual marriage engagements.

The film’s opening and closing credits are accompanied by what sounds like a weird variation of that Chinese classic tune, the Orange Blossom Special.

Reviewer Score: 7