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nf (1954)
Sworn Sisters

Reviewed by: dleedlee
Date: 02/26/2004

The film chronicles the lives of five maidservants and how they struggle to survive. Ah Choi is stubborn and impetuous who ignores an honest man that loves her but falls for a smooth talking man. Ah Ho is the loyal one who has worked for thirty years for the family and risks her life savings for the callous son. Ah Juen treats her sickly nephew as her own son finds him a wife to marry him off. Ah Sam falls in with Taoist money swindlers. Ah Ying is a modern girl who due to reduced circumstances becomes a maid and looks out for the others.

In their unforgiving and harsh world, the women live together, work together and help each other out. Besides the theme of sisterhood, a good deal of the film revolves around money, how to get it, use it, share it, and lose it.

The usually young and beautiful Mui Yee is completely unrecognizable in her make-up as the middle aged Juen.

Another great film from Union/Zhonglian.
Five directors from Union including the film's director appear in this film but, unfortunately, I can't identify who plays whom.

Reviewer Score: 7