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Zombie 108

Reviewed by: ororama
Date: 03/24/2015

Police raiding the headquarters of a gang are overrun by zombies in Zombie 108, a Taiwanese horror movie that offers almost non-stop action. The survivors must team up with their enemies in order to try to break out of the wasteland that downtown Taipei quickly becomes.

The editing of Zombie 108 is almost as fast moving as the plot. The characters are given little time to become established, so it can be difficult to figure out who survived the latest attack. The acting and direction are adequate throughout the movie, but the focus is on the action. The movie does offer a few interestingly weird characters, particularly a sex criminal who decides to take advantage of the apocalyptic chaos for a final bout of depravity It has an interesting view of the parallel hierarchical relationships among the police and the gang members. The large number of extras are put to good use to establish a sense of apparent societal collapse and of a fight against overwhelming odds.

Zombie 108 does not break new ground in the horror genre, but it is a competent blend of horror and action that entertains from beginning to end.