RR (1952)
A Couple in Love

Reviewed by: dleedlee
Date: 11/24/2003

Sing's fiancee, Fong, a budding singer, has her heart stolen away unknowingly by Fan (Ho Fei-Fan). Fan, a poor artist/singer/stall vendor, meets a rich woman (Mui Yee) who becomes his patron.

The funniest scene has Sing giving Fan advice on how to woo women, not knowing that it's actually Fong that Fan wants to woo.

Sing (Ng Cho-Fan) is a sap who relinquishes his happiness, and Fong, to Fan who go off to Singapore in his stead to build their singing careers.

I can't say I found the premise funny. And the Fan character verges on cad-dom.
Mui Yee obviously likes Fan who just bascially uses her. Anyone that passes on Mui Yee is a fool.

One inadvertantly funny scene has Fan clearly banging the studio boom mic with a painting as he hoists it on his shoulder. There's also a few clever matte screen sfx with mirrors and paintings for flashbacks.

Reviewer Score: 5