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未來警察 (2010)
Future X-Cops

Reviewed by: mrblue
Date: 07/10/2010

This movie is rotten down to its' core, namely the plot gimmick of time travel. There's focus given as to how Andy Lau cannot change anything in the "past" of 2020, where apparently people are still using Windows XP and disc-based DV cameras. Why then does he pose as a police officer, where even the matter of writing a traffic ticket could alter the future? And why is Andy's daughter along for the ride? The final explanation as to why his daughter is there, as well as the resolution of the story, is insulting to the audience -- even those (like myself) who can appreciate Wong Jing's past salvos of cinematic junk like Naked Weapon. To that I say: shame on you, Wong Jing.

Reviewer Score: 3