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雙食記 (2008)
Delicacies ...Poison

Reviewed by: dandan
Date: 07/21/2009
Summary: when did you become such a gourmet?

jiaqiao (francis ng) is the on-off boyfriend of coco (jiang yi-yan), an air hostess. at times, jianqiao seems like the perfect man; he's tender, caring and has bought a nice apartment for coco. at other times, he is distant, has an explosive temper and seems to be living a secret life. when coco bumps into chunyan (yu nan), she strikes up a friendship and begins to learn how to cook, in order to win jianqiao's heart for good. however, when his health begins to deteriorate, it might just be down to something he ate...

essentially a thriller / suspense piece about a man who gets his just desserts (pun intended), when he plays away from home. now, some of you may see this as a mild spoiler, which it kind of is, although the dvd box gives away much, much more. i won't say that it's a really good film, but neither can i say it is bad: the production values, cinematography, food, performances and some of the ideas are all very good. still, there's a few moments which just stretch things a little too far and are a little clunky in their execution, relegating the film to somewhere just above 'meh' in categorisation.

so, if you're looking for a slice of francis ng, served up in a cold atmosphere, with a side order of sumptuous looking food, then it will entertain for its duration. if you're looking for a more engaging, intense experience, then look elsewhere...

just better than mediocre.