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Ԯ¾_ھ (1979)
Zen Kwun Do Strikes in Paris

Reviewed by: calros
Date: 02/11/2007
Summary: Bad movie with low budget

Liu plays the Hong Kong martial films star and son of a NASA scientist kidnapped in Paris which may be valuable for a criminal organization (maybe he can develop a new kind of woman astronaut nappies... only kidding) so our hero comes back to France, where he had a sentimental affair with a Frenchwoman which ended bad and also created the Zen-Kwun-Do martial school. In Paris Liu must fight many Caucasian top fighters while he looks for his father and also his little daughter.

Liu is the writer and director of the movie, and he doesn't need to prove that because is really horrible (only the action scenes are simply fair). The European actors are even worse, its seems that they don't remember their dialogues so they improvise them inventing new dialogues and doing strange things. The main villain is preparing himself for the final combat during all the movie, but it seems that the film is cut and you won't never see this final combat (maybe the villain is now dead of old age waiting for Liu) and neither the rescue of Liu's father.

Reviewer Score: 4