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Twins Mission

Reviewed by: Hyomil
Date: 04/07/2011

Reviewer Score: 7

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 10/27/2007
Summary: Better than expected

Whoever makes those breakable glass for movies must of earned a years worth in this movie.

And when a bomb goes off in a train carriage, why does no one die in it? The people in the carriage are ok but the damage in the carriage occurs, doesnt make much sense

Its entertaining fluff,a standard plot, a little over the top emtionally (CANCER,CANCER!!)ACtion was to a good standard, a few laughs, obviously a movie not taken too seriously!!

Wu Jing is showing he can be a action star but i think his acting is limited. Always good to see Yueh Wah and SAmmo Hung in a movie. The twins, are the twins!!
Isnt it good to see bobby yi in a movie though!! I love his bowl cut hair do!!

The one thing that got me, is that it says watch on to know the ending but i saw nothing in the ending, did i miss something?

Reviewer Score: 7

Reviewed by: j.crawford
Date: 07/12/2007
Summary: entertaining

The pop group, The Twins, are featured in a film called Twins Mission. The title may be a little misleading; this is not a movie about the pop group on a mission. The filmmakers have the "twin" thing working on a bunch of different levels, some more clever than others. There are two important things to note about Twins Mission. One is that it is undeniably entertaining and second is that this film is most representative of the current state of the motion picture arts in Hong Kong, whether you like it or not. I like it.

The opening sequence features Jacky Wu Jing and Sammo Hung playing Shaolin monks who are transporting a magical talisman via railway. The eagle from Running Out of Time 2 makes a return appearance as the camera swoops around the train as it speeds through the mountains. Breathtaking visuals by cinematographer Ko Chiu-Lam and clever exposition draw the viewer into a mysterious scenario that explodes into a furious action set piece as the monks are attacked by a cadre of fighters, who happen to be twins lead by an evil Yuen Wah.

The movie is a nice effort for first time director Benz Kong To-Hoi, an inventive action director who has worked for twenty plus years on many diverse films. He shares Action Direction duties with another long time industry veteran Chui Siu-Ming, who was a child actor in the Sixties, a writer, an action director, and a director in the Eighties and Nineties. Mr. Chui also co-wrote and produced this project.

[En français] Le groupe pop, The Twins, sont en vedette dans un film intitulé Twins Mission. Le titre peut être un peu trompeuse; Ce n'est pas un film sur le groupe pop sur une mission. Les cinéastes ont "jumeaux" chose à travailler sur un tas de différents niveaux, certains plus malins que d'autres. Il ya deux choses importantes à noter concernant Twins Mission. D'abord, il est indéniable divertissant et la deuxième est que ce film est le plus représentatif de l'état actuel de l'art cinématographique à Hong Kong, que vous le vouliez ou non. J'aime.

L'ouverture des séquences caractéristiques Jacky Wu Jing et Sammo Hung jouer moines Shaolin qui sont magique talisman en transport par chemin de fer. L'aigle de Running Out of Time, 2 en fait un retour apparence que les écarts autour de la caméra train comme il vitesses à travers les montagnes. Breathtaking visuels par photo Ko Chiu-Lam et habile exposé attirer le spectateur dans un scénario mystérieux qui explose dans une action morceau furieux que les moines sont attaqués par un groupe de combattants, qui se trouvent être jumeaux dirigé par un mal Yuen Wah .

Le film est un bel effort de directeur pour la première fois Benz Kong To-Hoi, une activité inventive chorégraphe qui a travaillé pendant vingt ans et plus diversifiée sur un grand nombre de films. Il partage Direction Action devoirs avec un autre vétéran de l'industrie depuis longtemps Chui Siu-Ming, un enfant qui a été acteur dans les années soixante, un écrivain, un chorégraphe et un réalisateur dans les années quatre-vingt et les années quatre-vingt-dix. M. Chui a également coécrit et réalisé ce projet.

Reviewer Score: 8

Reviewed by: LisaM
Date: 05/07/2007
Summary: Astoundingly bad

You know a movie is bad when its central conceit (the Twins are real twins) is impossibly flawed.

Everything about this movie operates on a disaster level - the acting, the wire work, the CGI - but the biggest villain of all here is a completely nonsensical plot. The Twins play circus performers who idolize David Copperfield (huh?); of course they were actually brought up by two Yuen Wahs (huh?) to be high-tech thieves, but they've somehow managed to become good instead (except when they're pulling each others' hair). They have to go back to their thieving roots to recover a stolen artifact that may (or may not - huh?) heal terminally ill patients. The artifact has been stolen by a bad guy who wants to use it to...uh...cure a small child dying of cancer (HUH?). And in the middle of this mess, Sam Lee plays a cop who is befuddled by Hong Kong's multiple ethnicities (and you're right, that subplot has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of this nonsense).

Plot twists go nowhere; character arcs are never finished; and the movie doesn't even end, for cryin' out loud. Stuck in the middle of this script are a mediocre performance from the usually wonderful Yuen Wah, almost literally twirling his black moustache as the bad guy, and even the Twins' usual mugging wears thin pretty quick.

Rewatch THE TWINS EFFECT before you sit through this turkey. One of the worst releases in some time.

Reviewer Score: 1

Reviewed by: dandan
Date: 04/26/2007
Summary: nine times two...

a property developer, professor mok (sek sau), wants to buy some valuable land from lillian, whos daughter has cancer. mok promises to deliver a miracle cure, if she agrees to sell, and promptly dispatches his team of twins (three pairs of actual twins!) to steal it from uncle luk (sammo hung) and hay (w jingu). in order to get back the miracle cure, uncle luk persuades chan chung (yuen wah) to reassemble his crack team of twins; made up of another trio of twins (two actal pairs and 'the twins').

this is dumb. this is silly. this is fluff.

yet, there's something strangely intoxicating about it and, i must admit, i found myself enjoying it. yep, the story is pretty crappy, it sometimes feels like a tv pilot and some bits are just stupid, by not taking itself very seriously, it's kind of gets away with it. the beginning of the film doesn't promise much which, considering it involves sammo and wu jing first action sequence, may seem a little worrying. still, as the plot sets itself in motion and charlene and gillian enter the picture, it slowly sucked me in. by the end, i was thoroughly enjoying myself.

it's a brainless bit of action and i even found myself chuckling at a couple of scenes; mainly at the scene with the laser alarm sensors. also, after some of the worst cgi i've seen for a while in the first scene, the action sequences are, depite the fact that they're loaded with some pretty terrible wire work, quite good fun. wu jing looks pretty good and is starting to show more personality to go alongside his undoubtable martial arts talents.

sammo and yueh wah contribute and it was fun to see sammo against yuen and yuen against yuen! sure, it's far from their best work; the way i see it, neither of them owe us anything, having contributed so much in their careers, it's just good to still see them on screen. the twins are uniformly cute throughout and are very watchable, whilst the real sets of twins also do their fair share.

so, if you're a fan of mindless fluff and want a hit of silly, then you can do a lot worse that this. i (ashamedly) look forward to the sequel...

Reviewed by: mrblue
Date: 04/25/2007

I know all you Twins fans out there have been just gnashing your teeth waiting for their next movie. After all, it's been nearly two years since their last teaming with 2005's House of Fury. Well, you can all relax now that Twins Mission has been unleashed. And if you're not a Twins fan? Well, you still might get a kick out of this dopey-but-enjoyable action picture.

The movie's slim thread of a plot has Ah Gil and Ah Sa as a pair of circus performers who are actually kung fu masters (well, aren't they all?). Their old master (Yuen Wah) comes to retrieve them, as well as several other pairs of twins, so that they can help a pair of monks (Sammo Hung and Wu Jing) who have lost a relic that can magically cure any sickness.

Oh yeah, the big hook of the movie is that the relic is also being pursued by a group of evil twins. Not exactly Shakespeare or even Wong Jing on a good day, I know. But then most people out there aren't checking out this movie for the plot, and ostenibly Twins Mission delivers on what it promises -- big and loud action.

That being said, Twins Mission certainly has its' share of problems. For starters, it's getting pretty ridiculous to pair Choi and Chung as actual twins in films, since with each passing year, they are looking less and less like each other. They're still cute and work well together, but really, it's time to retire the gimmick.

Also, for what is supposed to be a "prestige" production, Twins Mission just doesn't feel very polished. The movie was shot on both film and digital video, which makes it look incredibly cheap in parts. The soundtrack feels more like a stock score that was simply spliced in instead of being created specifically for this film.

Most damningly, Twins Mission features absolutely the worst CGI seen in a movie -- even cheap straight-to-DVD stuff -- in years. Specifically, there's a sequence towards the end where the Twins fight a bunch of snakes that look like cutting-room rejects from Anaconda 2. Shoddy work like this sometimes makes me wonder if Hong Kong film-makers are actually taking their work seriously.

Speaking of the end... well, there really isn't one. Since a sequel has already been filmed, the producers decided to pull a Kill Bill and slap on a cliffhanger ending. This sort of thing just smacks of greed and lazy film-making, and is most definitely not the direction the Hong Kong movie industry needs to be going in. Big films like this should leave the viewer wanting more, but the film-makers shouldn't be so blatantly obvious about trying to get asses in the seats for a sequel.

Despite all of this, I actually still enjoyed Twins Mission. And before you ask, no I wasn't drinking, taking cough medicine, or suffering from a brain injury. Sometimes you just need a mindless action movie, and Twins Mission fits that to a tee.

Yes, it can't come close to the classics of yesteryear. Yes, it's often cheesy as hell. Yes, it won't earn you any cool fanboy points on internet boards for liking it. But just sit back and relax, and you should have a fairly good time with Twins Mission.

[review from www.hkfilm.net]

Reviewer Score: 6

Reviewed by: MrBooth
Date: 04/22/2007
Summary: 7/10 - not a classic, but good fluff

OK, let's see if I can summarise this... there's an organisation of thieves/fighters/bad guys called 'The Twins' because everyone in the organisation are (pairs of) twins. Yuen Wah used to be part of this group, but he didn't want to be evil so he got out and helped some of the young twins escape, putting them into hiding in different identities. Two of those that escaped are Jade and Pearl, played by Twins - i.e. Charlene Choi and Gillian Cheung, who are 'hiding' very inconspicuously as famous circuis acrobats. A property developer wants some land owned by an heiress (Zhang Xi) and hires The Twins (evil) to get an artefact that can cure her sister's cancer, in exchange for the land. Sammo Hung wants to stop them getting the artefact, so he calls up Yuen Wah who tries to gather together the good former twins (including Twins) to fight The Twins, to... err... nope, doesn't look like I can!

The short version - it's an action comedy, ostensibly a vehicle for Twins but with the ironic conceit of surrounding them with people who actually are twins. It might as well have been called TWINS EFFECT 3 since 1&2 had about as much to do with each other as they do with this... but it's not.

It's directed by former kung-fu star Benz Kong To-Hoi (with Tsui Siu-Ming contributing a lot too, it appears) and it features Sammo Hung, Yuen Wah and Wu Jing and more real-life twins who are skilled martial artists than you knew existed, so the action is of a high standard compared to most recent HK films - and there's rather a lot of it! It's definitely in the modern style, with a lot of wires and some relatively restrained CGI, but the choreography is good and at least some of the performers have genuine talent.

The plot is pretty dumb, but I think they know it, and the script does actually make sense - even if it's not very easy to summarise coherently (alright, I admit I didn't try very hard!). Production values are reasonably high, so it generally looks good. Probably my biggest criticism of it would be the soundtrack from Lincoln Lo - it's a bit rubbish!

It's nice to see Charlene and Gillian still working together, even if not quite as often (but then they _were_ in every Hong Kong movie made when they first burst onto the scene). They're still cute as buttons, but have grown noticably more mature and professional over the years. It's also good to see Sammo and Yuen Wah together again - they're clearly doubled in quite a few scenes, but still kick a fair amount of ass between them! Wu Jing needs a better dub artist, but when he finally lets loose in the fights he shows why he's become a fan favourite of late.

Summary - it's fluff, but it's good fluff. Not exactly a classic, but definitely worth a watch if you like this sort of thing. A real shame about the soundtrack - quite possibly cost it a point out of 10!

Reviewer Score: 7