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立體奇兵 (1989)
The 3-D Army

Reviewed by: calros
Date: 12/20/2009
Summary: Hello Dracula without Shadow Liu

This movie is one of the several films made in Taiwan after the success of the ''Son of the Vampire'' (Hello Dracula) film series. Many of the actors and crew of the original movies are here too, excepting their little star Shadow Liu which is replaced here by another cute girl. Another interesting point about this un-official sequel is that it was filmed in Three Dimensions, so you needed those glasses with blue and red filters to see it in theaters. Anyway the DVD has been released in 2-D so you don't need additional purchases.

Co-star Jin Tu plays again his famous role of old Taoist Priest, maybe could be considered the Taiwanese version of Lin Ching-Ying, which must face a really dangerous Vampire King came from another dimension. His granddaughter and her friends must travel to this new dimension in a kind of dollhouse so they must shrink their bodies like in the movie ''Fantastic Voyage''.

The fights are nice as always, and the F/X team has done an acceptable work. Not the best of the series but fine anyway.

Reviewer Score: 6