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香港艾曼紐之獸性培欲 (2002)
Emmanuelle in Hong Kong

Reviewed by: j.crawford
Date: 12/01/2007
Summary: Abominable.

Having already endured a film by exploitation filmmaker Dick Lau Tin-Sze, I should have not wasted 87 minutes with Emmanuelle in Hong Kong [2002]. I doubt that Stanley Kubrick would be happy to know Eyes Wide Shut [1999] had influenced this pathetic effort where everyone wears a stupid mask. I went to my Roget's New Millennium™ Thesaurus for help on this review. In an effort to describe my experience with Mr. Lau's first film, I'm going to use the word "abominable" and some of the synonyms I found such as "loathsome, lousy, nasty, nauseating, obnoxious, odious, offensive, repellent, reprehensible, repugnant, repulsive, revolting, rotten, sleazeball, stinking, terrible, very bad, vile, wretched". Thankfully, the DVD had a glitch which saved me from the last eight minutes of the 95 minute running time.

[En español] Después de haber sufrido ya una película de explotación cineasta Dick Lau Tin-Sze, yo no han desperdiciado 87 minutos con Emmanuelle en Hong Kong [2002]. Dudo que Stanley Kubrick estaría feliz de saber Eyes Wide Shut [1999] han influido en este patético esfuerzo que todo el mundo lleva una máscara estúpido. Fui a mi Roget's New Millennium ™ Report para ayudar en esta revisión. En un esfuerzo por describir mi experiencia con el Sr Lau de la primera película, voy a usar la palabra "abominable" y algunos de los sinónimos que encontré como "repugnante, mal, desagradable, nauseabundo, odioso, odioso, ofensivo, repelente , Reprobable, repugnante, repulsivo y repugnante, podrido, sleazeball, apesta, terrible, muy malo, vil, miserable ". Afortunadamente, el DVD tuvo un problema técnico que me salvó de los últimos ocho minutos de los 95 minutos corriendo el tiempo.

[En français] Ayant déjà subi un film de la cinéaste exploitation Dick Lau Tin-Sze, je n'ai pas gaspillé 87 minutes avec Emmanuelle à Hong Kong [2002]. Je doute que Stanley Kubrick serait heureux de savoir Eyes Wide Shut [1999] a eu une influence sur cette effort pathétique où chacun porte un masque stupide. Je suis allé à mon nouveau millénaire Roget's Thesaurus ™ pour aider à cette critique. Dans un effort pour décrire mon expérience avec M. Lau Le premier film, je vais utiliser le mot "abominable" et certains des synonymes j'ai trouvé comme "détestable, nul, mauvais, nauséabond, abominable, odieux, choquant, répulsif , Répréhensible, répugnant, répugnant, révoltant, pourries, sleazeball, puant, terrible, très mauvaise, vil, misérable ". Heureusement, le DVD a un petit problème qui m'a sauvé de ces huit dernières minutes de 95 minutes le temps de course.


Reviewer Score: 1

Reviewed by: JohnR
Date: 04/03/2007
Summary: Cat III.5

The plot (if you squint your eyes and stare hard you might see it)is sort of "Story of O". A husband (Eddie Lam) turns his wife (Suen Ah-Lei) over to some masked, mansion-dwelling maestro of the carnal to cure her frigidity. It works, but in the process she discovers that she's not actually frigid, she just doesn't want to have sex with Eddie because he's such a creep. (And looking at his nasty facial expressions as it gets it on is enough to put the viewer off sex, too.) There's also some subplot involving a nun (Grace Lam, who, sad to say, stays true to her religious vows) that I didn't understand. I kept waiting for her to throw off her habit and yell, "Take me to the Promised Land", but it never happened.

But what makes this deserve a Cat III rating?, you ask. Plenty. The sex scenes are frequent, well-filmed, and imaginative, and lots of flesh is revealed. I thought the two Japanese actresses were cute; I didn't care so much for Suen Ah-Lei because she really did come across as cold, but she's certainly ok on the eyes. The ladies here are definitely lovely. On the negative side, there's nothing in the story line that anyone will be able to relate to. These kind of mansions, full of willing young women wearing dopey costumes, just don't exist. I'm thinking of movies like "Electrical Girl" where scenes take place in offices and doctor's offices; places we've been to and that are part of our lives. No one knows the address of this place except the Marquis de Sade and Hugh Hefner.

Some of the scenes seemed to push up against a Cat IV rating, if there is such a thing. And there's the rub, so to say. Given the lack of plot and the mounds of flesh, and that some of it pushed the Cat III limit, there's a good chance you'll find yourself feeling a bit cheated: "I coulda had a triple X." Emmanuelle in Hong Kong comes off (someone stop me) as smut; imaginative and well filmed smut, but smut nonetheless.

I prefer Cat III movies like "The Fruit is Ripe" where there is an actual story. E in HK cheats the viewer of story, but all the dirty stuff still has to fit into a Cat III rating, so there's no true tradeoff. Watching it is kind of like going out with the class slut and only getting to third base.

Anyway, if you're looking for quality Cat III fare, in terms of sex and beautiful women, then I recommend it. If you like a little substance between scenes, or story lines that, though unbelieveable, at least take place in the same world you live in, look elsewhere.