7p 2 (1989)
Lucky Seven 2

Reviewed by: calros
Date: 08/16/2006
Summary: Kiddie version of "Inspector Wears Skirts"

In this second instalment of the Lucky Seven Kung Fu Kids, who must not be mistaken for the original Tomson's Kung Fu Kids nor the Five Happy Lucky Stars [another Kung Fu Kids... in the mid-80s they were a plague ;-) ] they play six kids from the streets recruited by the Taiwanese Police Force: there are so many child kidnappings that the Police decides to create a special team of "bait kids" who will fight the criminals. Even the little son of the Police Chief, who is the clown of the septette, joins the team thinking it's a "Summer Camp".

The premise is good and original, and also some of the scenes are very clever to be a Taiwanese movie for children. Almost half of the movie is about the military training of the kids in the camp, and this maybe is the best part of the movie, because the poor kids must bear a military training for adults (!) very similar to "An Officer and a Gentleman". The kids must be hardly trained because they will face... Yukari Oshima in person (playing the cold boss of the kidnappers), and her team of the unforgettable women warriors from "Armour of God"... well in fact in this movie there are only three, maybe the fourth one was badly injured by Jackie and decided not to make movies anymore.

Well, the movie is good, but neither the LSKFK nor the FHLS have the charisma of the original TKFK, and their stunts are not so spectacular as the TKFK, so you must expect an inferior film. The main course of the movie is the fight between the Lucky Seven against Oshima and her team, and it begins very good but ends mid-spoiled by the usual kiddie rubbish...

Reviewer Score: 6