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怪人怪事 (1974)
A Mad World of Fools

Reviewed by: sharkeysbar
Date: 05/05/2007

A whacky 1974 comedy starring David Chiang who was also the director, that's one to see. Well it certainly is whacky, and the film is actually a number of short pieces, varying in length from a couple of minutes to the last story that is 30 minutes or so.
It has a whole range of human behaviours that may be seen by some as strange but there was also a few telling moments that made me sit up and think, yes, yes, yes!
I particularly liked the story of the dutiful son returning to HK with his new, Western bride and the problems they encountered with his traditional minded parents.
I also have to say, a few of the stories were a bit dull with very predictable storylines and overly long slapstick routines, the two worst offenders had Chiang in the lead roles, where was the director???
Maybe my expectations were too high but I have to admit that I was a little disappointed and a little bored by the end of this film, I was mightily tempted to fast forward from around the 85th minute onwards.
Worth a watch to see David Chiang in a comedy, but far from a must see, sadly.

Reviewer Score: 5