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MissQQ (2003)
Miss Du Shi Niang

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 09/18/2004
Summary: Probably the worst movie of 2003

The story is about a popular prostitute who wishes to find love and get awat from her life and she meets Daniel Wu, a wimp of a man but she decides to go off with him anyway. With money troubles and unaccepting parents, Daniel Wu does the unexceptable and then a small plot twist occurs.

A must say the acting is overdone. Daniel Wu is too wimpish, and Michelle Reis character is just too confusing, a woman who falls head over heals but yet doesn't trust her future husband??

The moral of this story is for woman to go for money and not live. The writer must of been a man hater!! There is nothing in this movie i like. This is a serious drama, no comedy at all. I just can't relate to it. And the singing, it's annoying!! Everyone here i am guessing came for the paycheck and probably hoped that no one watch this mess

i feel generous giving this movie