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紅色女煞星 (1981)
Fighting Duel of Death

Reviewed by: Frank Lakatos
Date: 11/23/2005
Summary: Crazy Taiwanese triad revenge movie

This movie was actually made in 1984 in Taiwan. It is an IFD Joseph Lai movie, which means the movie was ripped off, retitled, redited, and recredited by IFD. This movie, like Street Fighters Part 2, which stars the same cast as this movie(probably shot back to back with this movie) and the well made triad thriller Equals Against Devil(again ripped off and redon by IFD is a triad movie that tries to take itself seriously, even though the talent and budget cannot complement the script. Lyon Chan, the lead hero, is quite a charismatic and talented actor and his costar, Sean Lee, is just as charasmatic and talented as he is. What is unexpected is the story, and how it shifts from one crazy scene to another. Lyon and Sean are buddies who are released from prison, Lyon goe sback to his family and avoids trouble, while Sean goes back to his Yakuza family and causes trouble. Lyon is in debt with local shylocks, and Sean comes to his aid and does him favors. The story takes many more turns, and then a crazy model woman, who goes from rag to riches, gets molested by some beggars, then she takes a page out of Pauline Chan's book(a la Her Vengeance) picks up a cross bow, practices shooting, sells herself to some really demented customers for money to fund her missions, all for revenge against Sean for the death of her husband I think. It's been a while since I've seen the movie, but I know I'll see it again soon because it's an odd movie. The fights are bloody and well choreographed, and the story is completely chaotic; it has that unanbashed crazyness of Chu Yen Ping's early work, and what is great is that this DVD is easily available for a few pennies at your local pharmacy. Recommeded. ***1/2/*****