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溫拿五虎 (1981)
Lucky by Chance

Reviewed by: cpardo
Date: 04/19/2006
Summary: Odd Wynners film

An old rich hotel executive who fears death, has his associates look for his long lost son. They find a lookalike named Ah Lun who works in the hotel, and so the old guy's lackeys try to take him by force, knowing they can use him as a figurehead and take over his business. Meanwhile, also in the fray is a disturbed individual (Chan) obssessed with a girl with a baby (whom he kidnaps) who crosses paths with Ah Lun and become friends, with 2 bungling detectives (Keung, Kin)keeping an eye on the looney as well. Bee is the father of the baby held ransom.

This is a strange film made in Taiwan, featuring The Wynners in various sized roles. It looks like they tried to do something like they did with Making It or something, with all the slapstick and dramatic moments. But it doesn't really work. The best scene is the hospital chase with the guy in the wheelchair getting pushed out to the balcony, his foot cast always knocking off a plant into a guys food stall. It's just way too corny and it's not enough to not even NOT take seriously--know what I mean? There's not even a song in sight. I watched the Cantonese version however, and it looks like there might be songs on the Mandarin version as subtitles of lyrics appear in spots. I got confused with all the strange plot turns. And that chubby hotel lackey was pretty annoying. So stick with the other Wynners films.

Reviewer Score: 4