KL] (1971)
Duel of Karate

Reviewed by: calros
Date: 08/09/2005
Summary: Hackneyed plot, fair entertainment.

Tien Peng and Chen Hung Lieh play the two brothers separated by the baddie, who killed all their family when they were babies, and 20 years later they found themselves fighting in the opposite sides; Tien is aware of his origins and wants vengeance and Chen is the right hand of the villain. This movie has some funny details which redeem it. The martial scenes are correct, with trampolines and some wire effects (the deadly trick of the villain is fly in one direction, do a twist in mid-air and go back!) thanks to the fair director, Fu Ching Hua, who also takes advantage of the panoramic screen in the scenes of fights "2 Vs. 20".
Not a notable film, but entertaining.

Reviewer Score: 6