Gam Ma Film Co.

Alias :
Alias: Golden Horse Motion Picture Company
Production Company
  Stone Prince Takes the Throne (Final Part to White-Haired Madam Su) (1959)
  White-Haired Madam Su Is Pregnant (1959)
  Meeting on the Weedy River (1961)
  The Adventure of a Stage-fan (1962)
  How Cai Shu Subdued the Tyrant (1962)
  The Magic Whip (1963)
  The King of Swords (1963)
  Roaming to Taipei (1966)
  The Great Lover (1967)
  Gambling for Gold (1973)
  Duel at Forest (1974)
  Dragon, Tiger and Phoenix (1974)
  Chinese Superior Kung Fu (1975)
  The Chivalry, the Gunman and Killer (1977)
  The Four Shaolin Challengers (1977)
  Fire on the Great Wall (1990)
Filming Company
  Hot Desire (1993)
  Consumate Power: Shaolin Tongzipong (1984)
  The Impartial Judge (1985)
  Hot Desire (1993)