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Bo Wa

Alias : Bao Hua Film Company
Production Company
  Peach Blossom Girl's Magic Duel (1956)
  Bows and Arrows (1956)
  The Eighth Miss Yang Advertises for a Husband (1956)
  Wong Fei-Hung's Three Battles with the Unruly Girl (1957)
  The Story of Sit Ping-Kwai and Wong Bo-Chuen (1957)
  The Saucy Girl's Sudden Rise to Power (1957)
  Wong Fei-Hung's Rebellion, Part 1 (1957)
  The Successful Scholar (1957)
  A Succession of Fearful Wives (1957)
  Lui Bei Crosses the River to Meet His Bride (1957)
  The Story of Pan An (1958)
  Wong Fei-Hung's Rebellion (sequel) (1958)
  Searching for the Husband's Corpse Under the Sea (1958)
  The Fairy Third Sister's Trip to the World of Men (1959)
  How Wen Tianxiang Thrice Tricked Grand Sire Wen (1959)